Angela's 50 LB Transformation!

Angela has some very inspiring words to share regarding her 50 pound weight loss transformation. Not only did she shed 50 pounds but her health has dramatically improved. She's here to say that it's not impossible! Check it out! 

Amaris is amazing!!!

Check out Amaris as the pounds melt off right before your eyes! Keep up the good work, Amaris!

We call him Slim jim now!

And in the blink of an eye, Jim has shed 38 pounds! He likes to say that it's as easy as breathing! We would agree!

No more migraines for arminta!

Arminta is sooo happy to have her health back! Not only can she walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded but she hasn't had a Migraine since she started our program! It's not just the weight that she's losing, it's the health that she's gaining!

Hooray for Horace!!!

We are thrilled for Horace! Not only is he easily burning off toxic fat, he has gotten his diabetes under control and he feels FANTASTIC!  Congratulations, Horace!

Jenny's Journey

Jenny is such an Inspiration

In less than 3 months, Jenny has easily melted off over 30 pounds! Now she's happier, healthier and has tons of energy too! 

Way to go, Jenny!! We are so happy for you!

Chris's day 4 results

In just 4 days on our Slim, Smart & Sexy program, Chris watched the painful swelling in her legs completely disappear.

Chris's Transformation

Chris has some wonderful and inspiring things to share about her health and 60lb weight loss journey over the past year.

Jim's Journey

He's an inspiration! Our fav DJ on KTOM radio shares how easy weight loss can be.

Update: Jim lost 9 lbs of fat in 6 days!

When Jim hears that he just burned off 9 lbs of fat in 6 days and puts on 6 lbs of muscle, he can hardly believe it! Way to go, Jim!

Joni's Journey

Joni's blood work is now perfect! Her doctor was worried about her having a heart attack or stroke 6 months ago and now her blood work came back perfect! 

In the process, she also shed 30 pounds and she feels terrific. 

Congratulations, Joni!

Scott's energy is back

Scott has barely started his program and not only has he easily lost weight, his energy is back! He's thrilled and so are we!

Bryan's Bloodsugar success

Bryan has completely turned his health around. He and his doctor are thrilled that his blood sugar is in the normal range now and he's feeling fit and fantastic! Congratulations, Bryan!


Stephen C

I’m not hungry all the time anymore and I have not had, or wanted, sweets for two months! It’s an easy and effective weight loss program and if you stick with the plan, you will do great!

Bryan H.

I feel like I’m 25 years old! My mobility has improved 100%, and my Diabetes and blood sugar is completely under control. I’ve lost over 11 inches in my waistline, and was losing half a pound to a pound a day in the Slim, Smart & Sexy weight loss program!

Gaby V.

The Slim, Smart, & Sexy program helped me with weight loss when regular diet and exercise just couldn’t. I lost 22lbs and 22 inches! I loved seeing the inches drop. When I woke up during the reduction phase, I would see a change every day.

Theresa Y.

This weight loss program works wonders! It is fast and easy, and it’s easy to stick to the diet. The weight and inches just fell off. I have more energy and feel better. Thank you for the constant support and cheerleading; I needed it!


​Trina is a master at getting to the root of the problem. I have been struggling with my health and weight loss problems for over 20 years. Six months ago, I started working with Trina. I am now down over 40 lbs and have the energy I had when I was in my 20s! After years of failed diets, I am excited and confident that I will reach my goal this time. I no longer have the cravings and habits that created my health issues. The difference is Trina’s Slim, Smart, and Sexy program. It helped me change my eating habits and opened up and entirely new mindset.


It works and it’s easy! Just do it- it resets your metabolism, so it is a long term solution. Trina and her staff are genuine and authentic. I have gained more self-esteem and joy! I am happy with my weight loss and how my body looks.