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Slim, Smart & Sexy

Transformation Starts Here

Transform your health and self-confidence with a customized weight loss program that trains your body to easily lose unwanted weight and keep it off!

Customized 63 Day Programs

1 on 1 weekly Wellness Weight Loss Coaching gives you the individualized support and accountability that you need to succeed! Enjoy yummy recipes, weekly body composition analysis, fat burning supplements and more.

Local & Remote Programs are available.

Rapid Results

Yes, you'll see fast results with our Slim, Smart & Sexy weight loss program and feel fantastic too! Amplify and speed up your results with Contour Light red light treatments!


Weight Loss Programs

Reset Your Metabolism to Easily Burn Fat & Lose Weight

Imagine yourself 20 pounds lighter this time next month!

At Cornerstone Wellness Center we believe that food is the spice of life. We will teach you how to eat healthy while enjoying a delicious assortment of guilt-free foods. You don't need to sacrifice your taste buds on our weight loss plan!

During our 63-day Slim, Smart & Sexy program, we'll show you how to change your lifestyle so you can easily burn fat, restore your metabolism and keep it off. 

Get the expertise and accountability you need to reach your weight goals! 

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Don't let distance be an excuse not to start! We offer both Remote and Local weight loss programs.

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What happens at cornerstone?!

Our fav DJ, JimShow, from KTOM, shares his weekly check in experience at Cornerstone Wellness Center and how he lost 60 pounds in our Slim, Smart & Sexy program. Way to go, Jim! Check it out!

Angela's 50 lb Transformation!

Once upon a time, Angela believed she would be overweight and fatigued for the rest of her life. She doesn't believe that anymore! She has shed 50 lbs and has reclaimed her vitality. Check out her amazing story!

Contour Light Body Sculpting

We LOVE the Contour Light for accelerating fat and weight loss, cellular detox and stress reduction! 

Each bag of sugar=10lbs!

Hey, some of our happy clients are here to say that  burning off toxic fat doesn't have to be hard anymore! Big congratulations to all of you! 

Are YOU ready to join them? Give us a call or drop us a line today!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Patricia V.

The Slim, Smart, and Sexy weight loss program improved my sleep, my inches, and my weight. I am glad a program like this exists to help someone like me take control of my weight. For anyone wanting to join the program, I would say that the results will be the best motivator, and it isn’t hard. It’s worth it!

Michaela B.

I was nothing short of amazed by the results! As soon as I started the program, the pounds started to melt like crazy. I quickly became aware of an increase in mental clarity, improved sleep quality, and an overall sense of well-being and inner peace. Friends and people who know me started to comment on how well I looked (“You are glowing”), as well as on my weight loss.

Amaris C.

This weight loss program is set up for success. The staff is very supportive and committed. I have gained so much knowledge about healthier choices to fit my needs. I’m definitely feeling balanced mentally and physically. This has given me a whole new outlook on life.

Sharon C.

This weight loss program is the easiest program to follow. It worked best for me once I stopped working out, and it was super fun to watch the fat disappear by doing nothing! The intermittent fasting was easier to do than expected, and I lost a bunch of inches which has always been the most difficult challenge for me.

Liz F.

I can’t say enough great things about Trina, Cornerstone Wellness, and the Slim, Smart, and Sexy weight loss program. After many years of saying, “There’s something wrong with me,” and visiting doctor after doctor only to be told it was all in my head, Trina nailed it the first time we spoke. I have mold illness, from mold that was completely hidden in my house. From across the country, Trina guided me through the remediation on my house and healing of my body and mind.

Chris S.

This has worked! I have tried for years to lose weight and this has been the only weight loss program that has worked for me. Not only the weight has come off, but my pain is gone. I sleep better and can concentrate better. I’m living life again!

Jim blew past his 40lb goal!

Our KTOM DJ friend from the Jim Show blew by his weight loss goal of 40 lbs in only 51 days! And he feels fantastic! Check out what he has to say about his progress! Way to go, Jim!

Jenny's Journey

Jenny's life and health has completely turned around after losing 30lbs in our Slim, Smart & Sexy program. Hear what she has to say about her life now!

Special Offers

Guaranteed Credit Approval

Guaranteed credit approval

Guaranteed credit approval. Easy payment plans. Most Flex Spending and Health Saving Plans Accepted for our Slim, Smart & Sexy Weight Loss program too!

Meet the Founder

Trina Hammack FDN-P, CHC, DPSc

I've been a practitioner in the holistic health world for over 26 years and it's my passion and purpose in life to help people reclaim their health and vitality through Functional Nutrition and Weight Loss programs. I guide many who are frustrated and without hope, to ditch the band-aid approach and resolve their underlying Root Cause issues once and for all.

My clients call me “The Root Cause Warrior for Health,” because I leave no stone unturned when searching for a solution to health issues. I take great care in guiding each individual through steps to reclaiming their strength and vitality — while making it feel natural.

I’ve been honored to have my story and teachings  featured on The Truth About Cancer Docu-Series, The Chronic Lyme Disease Summits 1 & 2, The Parasite Summit, The Depression & Anxiety Summit, The 21-Day Body/Mind Detox Summit and The Global Health and Healing Summit and more.

In my free time, I invest in my own health by indulging in sweaty spin classes, taking 5-mile beach walks with my two huge dogs and enjoying the occasional romantic dinner with the love of my life.

Events Coming Soon

Stay Tuned for Our Upcoming Seminars on Weight Loss Resistance, Hormonal Issues & Cellular Detox

Stay Tuned for Our Upcoming Seminars on Weight Loss Resistance, Hormonal Issues & Cellular Detox